I've had so many headshots taken over the years but when I met Marisa, she made me feel so comfortable and yet she was such a professional! It was the best of both worlds... Never had my headshots looked so amazing! The only problem was there were too many great shots and I had to select only 5. Literally I could have used about 99% of all the photos she took. There was no waste. No so-so shots. They were all great! If you are looking for the most professional and truly one of the nicest people I've ever met, don't look any further. Book a session with Marisa! Best decision of my life...!

Michelle R

Marisa was absolutely amazing! This was my first time taking headshots and she made me feel so comfortable. She helped me understand what my best look was and was so patient with me the whole time. Her website is easy to use and she is great with retouches. I highly recommend her to any new or experienced actor.

Jillian D

Marisa Leigh is as beautiful and stunning as the pictures she takes! She is gorgeous, personable, incredibly talented, and an absolute joy to work with.

I recently began a career as a performance artist and needed both headshots and promo pictures for my website. Marisa was more than willing to consult with me prior to the actual photo shoots and really helped ensure that my photographs would live up to my very high and unique expectations.

I was also particularly impressed by Marisa's ability to work in all sorts of unusual settings and lighting conditions. In addition, she expertly positioned extras appearing in the pictures, gave us all great direction, and made everyone feel comfortable and relaxed. She stuck to timelines, worked well with the rest of my staff, and made the picture taking process a ton of fun for everyone involved.

Marisa handled all situations with the ease and grace of a true professional and her positive energy was addictive to all. But more than that, working with Marisa was like having an unwavering, trusted, best friend at your side.

Following the photo shoots Marisa continued to work with me on choosing the best photos, cropping issues, re-touching, and even recommended printing companies for my particular needs. I was extremely pleased and happy with the final pictures and have already started sharing them with the rest of the world.

I hope to work with Marisa again in future and can not recommend her enough to others. She is a skilled artist and absolute rock star of photography!

Linda Y

Maurice W.

I absolutely love the pictures Marisa has taken for me!! She is so amazing with her style and technique on how she shoots!! I am an actor and once I got my headshots done I immediately started getting called in for alot of auditions! They way Marisa captures a persons mood and look is truly amazing!! If anyone in Los Angeles or the world needs a great photographer Marisa Leigh is the one to call!!

Maurice W

Marisa is a fantiastic photographer. I came into the studio a little apprehensive and nervous about the whole process- I had never been 100% happy with my photos from other photographers before. Marisa changed ALL of that. She was helpful, attentive, and really made me feel like she cared about the end result. The environment was perfect with plenty of set-ups and great light. Marisa helped me with posing and finding what I wanted to convey in the photos. She captured looks that I had never ever got before! She is patient and always willing to answer any questions or concerns you may have. She even suggested an outfit I would never have thought of that is now my absolute favorite shot! Thank you Marisa!

Nm S.

Marisa took amazing pictures of my daughter! At first my daughter was shy, but Marisa immediately made her comfortable and got her out of the shy zone. She helped choose the wardrobe that would bring out her eyes and make her look adorable! Marisa's studio was great and my daughter had a blast going from room to room and striking different poses. The photos were great! She captured looks that I didn't even know my daughter had! Marisa is patient, kind and a true professional. I would recommend her to anyone!

Jill E

Marisa workedmiracles with my children. She was able to relate to them and bring out their absolute best. Marisa captured not only their outer beauty but their inner personality as well, all the while ensuring that they looked like the amazing children that they are. Her pictures have surely brought us success, but more than that, as a mother I cherish the photos as they captured my children at that precious moment in time for all of posterity. Although I wish I could keep her a secret, she is too good not to share. Thank you Marisa we so appreciate your industry insight and masterful artistry!

Melody B

Hey Marisa!

So much fun working with you too, I had the best time! The photos are amazing-thank you! There are so many I like, I usually never like any pictures and right now I can't even decide which one I want to be my main head shot as I love so many.
Thanks again!


Wow, Marisa!!! Thank you so much!!! They look fantastic!! I couldn't be happier!! Thank you so much!!!
I will let my agents take a look and we will talk!

Hi Marissa - Bill and I wanted to say thanks so much for Taylor's pictures - they are fantastic - these are going to be great headshots for her and help us a lot!

April Lim

Hi Marisa and thank you for a great day!

Love the pictures!! Can't believe you were able to make me look so beautiful! :) And I think I'm sporting a pretty huge belly regardless of what you girls think...

Thanks again!! I truly enjoyed today!


Hey Marisa,

I love them! I can't wait to talk w Ashley and make our picks :)

Thanks again, you were great to work with!

Talk soon,


Thank you, thank you, thank you! They are beautiful, incredible, and capture the joy of our family in such a special way. We are so lucky to have found you!!! Thank you, a million times.
THEY ARE SOOOO GORGEOUS! As though they are lit from the inside.



Thank you SO much! The proofs are absolutely beautiful! It was so great meeting and working with you, I could not have asked for more. You made me feel so comfortable and it truly shows in the results!! I don't know how I am going to pick one. I will continue to look these over for the next couple of days and will keep in touch. Again, THANK YOU!


Marisa, they look soooo amazing! It's going to take a while to decide. It was such a fun shoot too. I love working with you! I'll let you know when I've decided on a few pics!

Talk to you soon,


That was such a long shoot and I owe you a big thanks! I was gonna send you a bottle of wine, but sugar free wine just seems like cruel and unusual punishment. I can't wait to see the pictures. I really love shooting with you.

big hugs!

I love them!!!!!!!!!!!! Going to forward them to my manager now! Will give you a buzz and let you know. I had a great time too, you are so talented Marisa, you cannot imagine hwo over the moon I am. Thank you thank you


I am so blown away by these photos!!

They are almost all good!

Thanls for making me look good!! you are a great photographer.
I'll come back to do some photos with my girls!!
and i'll let you know when i have a date!



Thank you so much! We love the photos of Isabella!! You are an amazing photographer and we are so lucky to have had her first photos shot by you!


Sue Malloch

Hey Marisa,

The pictures are AMAZING! We really love them and they came out so beautifully. You are so talented and you really captured Austen so perfectly. I know it wasn't easy since she never sits still! I will try and pick one to put on our holiday card and a few to print, if that is okay with you. It isn't going to be easy to pick though! I also want to find a time to get together, so let me know what your schedule is like.

Thank you so much, and I'll be in touch soon.


Marisa provides a relaxed, and enjoyable atmosphere when shooting her clients. In addition, she takes her time, and has an easy-going attitude, which provide the perfect situation when taking headshots. She turned something I usually dread, into a fun experience. My agent had a hard time picking her favorites, and I have many looks to chose from.

Dianna Agron

Hi Marisa,

Wow! you are the best. The pictures for both Sky and Star look great. We love them so much. Thanks again for your hard work.

A happy mom=)

OMG the pics turned out awesome!!! I can't wait to refer more people to you!!!

Thanks again for doing that they seriously look awesome!!

Annabel Gualazz
William Morris Agency |


They are absolutely great! And you? You’re a gem. Thanks again. I won't hesitate to speak highly of you and your professionalism to anyone who cares to lend an ear.

All the best,